Homebrew DND4e – Domain of Time

This is a work in progress. Comments and ideas are welcome. I may update this further.

Some deities have control over time itself.

Deities: Pelor, Ioun, and Corellon


Power of Time [Domain]
Prerequisite: Any divine class, must worship a deity with the time domain
Benefit: You gain +2 to initiative checks.
When you use a power associated with this feat and hit an enemy with it, the target must make a saving throw at the beginning of its next turn or delay until after the next pc’s turn.
Associated Powers: Bond of Retribution, Sacred Flame, Divine Bolts, Ardent Strike

Turn Back the Clock [Divinity]
Prerequisite: Channel Divinity class feature, must worship a deity with the time domain
Benefit: You gain the Channel Divinity power Turn Back the Clock

Turn Back the Clock
Feat Utility
You turn back time to rectify a mistake.
Encounter * Divine
Free Action                 Personal
Trigger: You perform an action which triggers an opportunity or immediate action from an enemy within 10 squares.
Effect: The enemy’s action never occurs. Your triggering action never occurs. You may choose a different course of action. If you choose the same action again, you gain a +2 to all defenses vs the enemy’s action.

Editor’s Note: 
I would suggest an additional houserule regarding domain feats. A single at will power cannot be affected by more than one domain feat. The Divine hero selects which feat to use at the start of the encounter.

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