Secrets of Necromancy – Heroic Tier Powers

You imbecilic fool! You have no concept of the eldritch forces I can bring to bear. The mysteries of death have been revealed to me and the dead serve my will. Tremble in fear mortal, and pray for your soul. 

There is something about the undead that just hits a nerve with people. I’ve lost count of the number of zombie related movies, video games, and books that have been released in the last decade – a staggering number I’m sure. Cooler still are the necromancers who control the hordes of undead, who use dark rituals to summon them from the underworld. These sages in black have always interested me greatly – I played a true necromancer several times in my 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons game much to the dismay of my DM. An army at my beck and call has always interested me – the more rotting the better.

I’m a 4th edition player now, through and through, but I was rather disappointed with the weaksauce power selection we got for the Necromancer in Heroes of Shadow. We were given very few real undead-summoning powers and those we did get where rather lackluster. In response to this I have been working on some necromancy-appropriate daily powers for the wizard and mage classes, specifically the summoner and necromancer builds.

Contained in the following PDF are 6 heroic tier daily powers designed to give necromancers true undead summoning capability.


  1. I like this. Keep it coming. Showing these to my players this week.

  2. Necromancy ~ Author Travis Simmons - pingback on August 4, 2014 at 1:10 am

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